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The International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID), established in 1950 is a leading scientific, technical, international not-for-profit, non-governmental organization. ICID is a professional network of experts from across the world in the field of irrigation, drainage, and flood management. The main mission is to promote ‘Sustainable agriculture water management’ to achieve ‘Water secure world free of poverty and hunger through sustainable rural development’.» Know more »


OBITUARY - Late PH John Hennessy (UK) - 1990-1993

It is with deep regrets that we inform the sad demise of President Hon. John Hennessy on 7 June 2020. He has been associated with ICID activities for a long time and the President of ICID for the term 1990-1993. More...

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Dear Colleagues,

Irrigation Australia has been closely monitoring the rapidly evolving situation around COVID-19 in line with Australian Government advice that events with more than 100 people are restricted for six months. There is also a possibility that further restrictions are likely therefore a decision has been made to postpone the Irrigation Australia Conference & Exhibition combined with the International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage 24th Congress & 71st International Executive Council Meeting in September 2020. [More...]



President's Message: COVID-19


ICID's major events postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic - 5th African Regional Conference scheduled from 16-19 March, 2020, Marrakech, Morocco - New dates will be intimated in due course. 24th ICID Congress and 71st IEC Meeting, 22-28 September 2020, Sydney, Australia is re-scheduled as 24th ICID Congress and 72nd IEC Meeting to 6-12 July 2021. Inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.


The Commission established in 1950 is a leading scientific, technical, and professional not-for-profit international organization working in the field of irrigation, drainage, and flood management to promote and achieve 'sustainable agriculture water management’. [Download Brochure]



Membership of the Commission consists of National Committees (NC) who represent their countries and are organized under the departments responsible for irrigation, drainage or agricultural water management.
Companies, institutions, and individuals can also participate in ICID activities through their respective NCs or as Direct Members.


Technical Workbodies

More than 500 eminent professionals/experts from varied disciplines involved in the development, planning, design, operation and management of irrigation, drainage and flood management works from all over the world. The Commission operates its technical activies through more than 30 workbodies.


70th Anniversary Celebration (ICID70)


ICID will start its 70th Anniversary celebration from 24 June 2019 and conclude at the 24th ICID Congress and 71st IEC Meeting, 22-28 September, 2020, Sydney, Australia. During this period, it has been decided to bring out a Coffee table book with visually appealing records of achievements in irrigation and drainage set in your country with highlights of the operations of each of National Committee, historical background of establishment of ICID and its early years.  National Committees are requested to organize commemorative functions in their respective countries for improving the awareness about ICID. Read more...

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Membership consists of National Committees who represent their countries and are organized under the departments responsible for irrigation, drainage or agricultural water management. Companies, institutions, and individuals can also join as Direct Members.


ICID Vision 2030

A Water Secure World Free of Poverty and Hunger

ICID Vision 2030 is for a water secure world free of poverty and hunger through sustainable rural development. ICID’s mission to facilitate prudent agriculture water management by encouraging interdisciplinary approaches to irrigation and drainage management is an expression of the intent of the network to help various stakeholders in moving towards ‘The Future We Want’.


To align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, ICID started a systematic review of its objectives, goals and activities and established a Consultative Group (CG) in 2014. The Group undertook intensive discussions and sought inputs through questionnaires from National Committees and Working Group experts. The outcomes of these efforts are covered into 'A Road Map to Vision 2030'. Read more...
[ Download - [ Full Version ] [ Abridged Version ]

Feuille de route vers la VISION CIID 2030 

[ Version abrégée French]
UNA HOJA DE RUTA PARA LA VISIÓN A 2030 DE ICID [Spanish Versión Spain]

Release of ICID Vision 2030

The Sustainable Development Goals are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015.

Publication released during the Plenary Session of the 68th IEC Meeting on 10 October 2017 in Mexico City.




ICID organizes annual International Executive Council Meetings; triennial World Irrigation and Drainage Congress, and World Irrigation Forum. Regional Conferences, Micro Irrigation Conferences and Drainage Workshops are also organized to address and discuss issues of global/regional importance..» Know more »



Following the decision taken by the Moroccan authorities to ban/postpone all international events in view of the Corona Virus (COVID-19), Association Nationale des Ameliorations Foncieres de l'Irrigation, du Drainage et de l'Environnement - ANAFIDE in consultation with ICID Central Office have decided to postpone the scheduled 5th African Regional Conference on Irrigation and Drainage, 16-19 March, 2020, Marrakech, Morocco.


Now ANAFIDE will host the 71st International Executive Council Meeting (IEC) along with 5th African Regional Conference on Irrigation and Drainage in December 2020 (1-7 December 2020 Tentative).

The 24th ICID International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage with the Theme: Innovation and research in agricultural water management to achieve sustainable development goals; together with the 72nd International Executive Council Meeting (IEC) has been postponed as per the orders of Australian Government.


New dates have been secured with the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) to hold the event over the following dates:

  • 6-8 July 2021 - Irrigation Australia Conference & Exhibition
  • 6-12 July 2021 - Irrigation & Drainage 24th Congress & 72nd International Executive Council Meeting



Other Events



ICID publishes quarterly ICID News, monthly News Update and weekly e-Bulletin. In addition to the peer-reviewed research journal 'Irrigation and Drainage' many special publications are broughtout from time to time.


A quarterly publication includes brief invited technical articles of current interests from eminent professionals, outcomes / report of the key ICID events. [More...] [Subscribe].
News UpdateNews Update
A monthly publication covers news from national committees, international organizations, stakeholders, important announcements etc.[More...] [Subscribe].
A weekly compilation of important news items on agriculture, climate change, drainage, droughts, floods, food security, etc. [More...] [Subscribe].
Irrigation and DrainageIrrigation and Drainage Journal
A peer-reviewed publication on scientific, engineering, environmental and socio-economic issues associated with irrigation and drainage. [[More...]]. [Special Issues of Irrigation and Drainage]  [Wiley Society Executive Seminar: Interview of PH Bart Schultz, Chair, EB-JOUR]
Annual Report 2011-12Annual Report 2018-19
Provides a comprehensive overview of ICID activities over the past year and includes information on Commission's budget. [More...]
23rd ICID Congress  2017Report of the 23rd International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage, Mexico City, Mexico, 2017
The publications includes a brief report of the 23rd International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage organized at Mexico City in October 2017. [More...]
Climate Change Adaptation for I&D in Asia: A Report of the Asian Regional TF for Climate Change
ASRWG organized several workshops and seminars on the subject. It set up a ARTF-CC to study the effects of climate change in the field of irrigation and drainage in Asia. This status report is based on the outcomes of these deliberations and case studies. [More...]
[For more publications...]
- WIF1 - Summary Report
- Food Security by Optimal Use of Water
- Towards Sustainable Development of Tidal Areas 
- Water Saving in Agriculture 
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President's Corner


Secretary General's Desk




ICID instituted Awards to promote sustainable irrigation and enhanced agriculture production to achieve food security around the world.

WatSave Awards

Recognizing the need to encourage innovations in irrigation and drainage, ICID instituted WatSave Annual Award(s) in 1997 and are presented each year to recognize outstanding contributions to water conservation or water saving in agriculture.The WatSave Awards are presented every year to promote and encourage the best technological applications or projects which have been successful in saving water. Categories of the Awards: (1) Technology, (2) Innovative Water Management; (3) Young Professionals; (4) Farmer. Read more...

3rd World Irrigation and Drainage Prize 2019

Prof. Dr. Chandra Madramootoo, James McGill Professor from Canada and a well-known international personality in the areas of water management, irrigation, drainage, agricultural research, international agriculture development, hydrology and water quality of surface and subsurface drained fields, development of innovative technologies to predict crop water requirements, and impacts of water management practices on greenhouse gas emissions has been selected by an eminent International Jury for award of the 3rd World Irrigation and Drainage Prize for his sustained, long standing and highly committed work to irrigation and drainage sector worldwide through education, research, planning and international project implementation, etc.


Prof. Dr. Chandra will be presented with the 3rd World Irrigation and Drainage Prize at the Opening Ceremony of the 3rd World Irrigation Forum in Bali, Indonesia, on Monday, 02 September 2019... Read more... 

World Heritage Irrigation Structures
To recognize the World Heritage Irrigation Structures (WHIS) on the lines of World Heritage Sites as recognized by UNESCO. ICID introduced an online register to include: (a) Tracing the history of and understanding the evolution of irrigation in the civilizations across the world. (b) To select and collect information on historical irrigation structures from around the world, understand their significant achievements and gather knowledge about the unique features that have sustained the project for such a long period; (c) To learn the philosophy and wisdom on sustainable irrigation from these structures; and (d) To protect/preserve these historical irrigation structures. Read more...

World Water System Heritage Programme
The World Water System Heritage Programme aims at identifying and preserving the people-centred water management systems, organizations, regimes and rules as intangible water heritage considered to be of outstanding value to humanity that creates coexistent social system for humanity and sound environment and giving them recognition. The objectives of the program are to: Gain/learn lessons from water heritage systems, Disseminate the age-old wisdom gathered through them, Extract new ideas from the wisdom aggregated from the past, and Adapt the knowledge suitably in the present context.Read more...

Best Paper Award
Instituted the 'Best Paper Award' to recognise the outstanding paper contributed to ‘Irrigation and Drainage’, the Journal of ICID.

The award consists of a citation plaque and either US$ 500 cash or US$ 800 worth of Wiley books from M/s. Wiley Blackwell (UK). The best papers awards have been started from 2006.


Best Performing National Committee Award and Best Performing Workbody Award
The Best Performing National Committee Award (BPNCA) and Best Performing Workbody Award (BPWA) are presented at every triennial Congress starting from the 18th ICID Congress (Montreal) in 2002. The excellence in performance of the award winning National Committee and Workbodies are judged by a Panel of Judges based on the performance during the 3-year period between the immediate past two consecutive Congresses. The Award comprises a Trophy and cetificate.
Best Performing National Committee Award
Best Performing Workbody Award




Managing the knowledge process is key to the success of any professional network. Knowledge Management consists of generation, extraction, consolidation/ compilation, synthesis, packaging and dissemination of the knowledge plays a critical role in the field of irrigation, drainage and flood management. More than six decades, ICID has accumulated a substantial amount of knowledge, particularly in the field of irrigation and drainage.

Capacity Development, Training and Education

Understanding the importance of capacity development and training in agriculture water management sector, ICID has established Working Group on Capacity Development, Training and Education (WG-CDTE) to guide the capacity development activities. Identifying the training and education requirements, and gaps programs are being offered in different regions. In addition, Webinars and e-Discussions are also organized on different subjects of interest.


Recent training activities includes: (1) Basin Futures testing program, 8-12 April 2019, New Delhi, India; (2) YP Training Program on Climate Resilient Smart Irrigation System, 22-25 April 2019, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea.


Webinar Banner

ICID under its policy to extend its knowledge dissemination wider, is initiating Webinar Services for its members in particular and wider irrigation and drainage community.


Live Recording of the Webinars


ICID Young Professional e-Forum (IYPeF)

IYPeF established as a LinkedIn Group that provides an international platform to young engineers/ scientists/ professionals for their career development in the areas of agriculture water management. IYPeF also provides an opportunity to young professionals to engage, network and share their experiences and also learn from the experiences of experts. More than 550 members are connected through this group. Join Now!



ICID organizes e-Discussions on different topics for its YPs on IYPeF platform. Based on the active participation and rich contribution to the e-discussions, Young Professionals are selected for Scholarship to participate in ICID meetings.e-Discussions scheduled for Bali meeting.


African Young Water Professionals e-Forum (Af-YWPeF)


A dedicated Group on the LinkedIn platform to bring together all the Young Professionals from the African region. More than 500 members are connected through this group. Join Now!

Irrigation and Drainage Knowledge Base and Portal



Also includes:

Water Drop Integrated Library Management System (ILMS)
Water Drop ICID Register of World Heritage Irrigation Structures
Water Drop Irrigation Dictionary (MTD)
Water Drop Irrigation & Drainage Products & Services Directory
Water Drop Basic information on - IrrigationDrainage
Water Drop

International Research Program for Irrigation and Drainage (IRPID)

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Water Drop Second Green Revolution
Water Drop Tools/ Models
Water Drop Reference Documents
Water Drop Technical Support Unit



Solar Powered Irrigation Systems in India: Lessons for Africa Through a FAO Study Tour - A Report (2019)

Direct Members (Corporate/Institutional)

Asian Development Bank (ADB) CBIP India Water Foundation WAPCOS Ningbo Dayu MWRRA AGRI Dubai Municipality


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