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Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Adam
Sudanese National Committee, ICID (SNCID)
Ministry of Water Resources and Electricity
Nile Avenue

Tel : 249 9123 20485
Email : ahmoadam293@gmail.com


Dr. Hassan Aboalbasher Ali
Assistant Research Professor
The Hydraulics Research Station
P.O.Box 318, Wad Medani

Tel : 249124778421
Email : abashar9999@yahoo.com

Member - WG-WATS


Eng. Abd Elsalam Mohamed Salih Idriss
For Address See S.No. 1 Above.

Email : abdosalih@ymail.com, Idress70@Gmail.com

Provisional Member - WG-IDM


Dr. Abu Obieda Babiker Ahmed Hassan
Associate Research Professor
The Hydraulics Research Center (HRC)
P.O.Box 318, HRC, W/Medani

Tel : 249 123813813/912643490/5118
Email : hrs_abdo@hotmail.com

Provisional Member - WG-CDTE


Dr. Salih Hamad Hamid Omer
Director of Nile Water Directorate
Ministry of Water Resources " Electricity

Tel : 00 249 183 770 976
Mob : 00 249 9 126 714 68
Email : shhomer@gmail.com

Provisional Member - WG-BIO-FUEL


Eng. (Ms.) Hind Massoud Hamed Elneel
For Address See S.No. 1 Above.

Email : hind-massoud@hotmail.com

Provisional Member - AFRWG


Eng. Marwa Faisal Salman Mohamed
For Address See S.No. 1 Above.

Email : marwa.faisal1313@gmail.com

Provisional Member - AFRWG


Dr. Hassan Abu Bashar
For Address See S.No. 1 Above.

Provisional Member - WG-IDSST


Dr. Ahmed Adam Ibrahim
For Address See S.No. 1 Above.

Email : ahmed_akabo@yahoo.com

Provisional Member - WG-HIST


Eng. Hind Massoud
For Address See S.No. 1 Above.

Email : hind-massoud@hotmail.com

Member - WG-AFM

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Sudan has a special geopolitical location bonding the Arab world in Northern Africa to Africa south of the Sahara. It has an area of about 1.88 million km˛ (the exact area still needs to be confirmed) and is the third largest country in Africa, after Algeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Before the independence of South Sudan in 2011, it was the largest country in Africa. On the north-east Sudan is bordered by the Red Sea and it shares common borders with seven countries: Eritrea and Ethiopia in the east, South Sudan in the south, Central African Republic and Chad in the west, Libya in the northwest, and Egypt in the north.

Sudan is under federal rule with 15 States. Each State is governed by a Wali (Governor) with 7 to 10 State Ministers, 4 to 5 Commissioners for the different provinces and a number of localities. Each State has complete administrative and fiscal autonomy and its own State Legislative Assembly for legislative matters of the State.

The country is generally flat with the exception of the Jebel Marra, the Red Sea Hills and the Nuba Mountains. There are three ecological zones in Sudan from north to south: the desert, the semi-desert and the low rainfall savannah. Its soils feature mainly the clay deposits in the central and eastern part, the stabilized sand dunes in the western and northern part, the red ironstone soils in the south, and alluvial soils along the Nile and other rivers and deltas.

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