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Eng. Thubelihle A. Thebe
Zimbabwe Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (ZwCID)
Department of Irrigation
10th Floor, Kaguvi Building
4th St/Central Ave., Harare

Email : tathebe@gmail.com


Mrs. Soneni Nyamangara
(Treasurer - ZwCID / Deputy Director - Department of Irrigation
Zimbabwe Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (ZwCID)

Tel : +2634707867
Email : sonyamangara@gmail.com


Dr. Conrade Zawe
(Chairperson - ZwCID / Director - Department of Irrigation)
Zimbabwe Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (ZwCID)

Tel : +2634707305
Email : chidenyeere@gmail.com

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Zimbabwe is a landlocked country, located in southern Africa between a latitude of about 15 and 22° south and a longitude of between 26 and 34° east, with a total area of 390 760 km2. The country is bordered by Zambia in the north, Mozambique in the east, South Africa in the south, and Botswana and Namibia in the west. Four major relief regions are generally recognized on the basis of their elevation: i) the lowveldt (< 600 m above mean sea level); ii) the middleveldt (600-1 200 m); iii) the highveldt (1 200-2 000 m); iv) the Eastern Highlands (2 000-2 400 m). Zimbabwean soils are derived predominantly from granite and are often sandy, light textured and of fair agricultural potential. However soils with significant clay content and of excellent agricultural potential are also found in all regions of the country. The cultivated area was estimated at 3.35 million ha in 2002, of which 3.22 million ha arable land and 0.13 million ha permanent crops.

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